Professional Liability for PBUS Members

    Let’s say someone sues you for some breach of your professional duties as a bail agent:  failure to secure a bond, misrepresentation, negligence, etc.  It doesn’t matter if the accusations are groundless or even fraudulent; you still need to mount a defense.  According to recent studies, legal expenses for these types of legal actions average $45,000.  Could your agency afford such an expenditure?  And what happens if you lose?  The financial consequences are potentially devastating – on both a professional and personal level.

    PBUS members have the option to enhance their professional liability coverage to include GPS monitoring services. PBUS members can purchase the endorsement for a flat rate of $150 to receive an additional sub-limit of $250,000 in coverage. View specimen version of the GPS monitoring services endorsement.

    PBUS members who obtain professional liability from Fox Point will also have the option of purchasing General Liability insurance.


    Application for Bail Agencies


    View a Specimen Version of our Bail Agents Professional Liability policy